Meet Bailey Boo


Hello, all you fun loving animal lovers, lets say hello to Bailey Boo….alt


Cindy:  “Ok Bailey Boo we need to give it all we can.”

Bailey Boo:  “Ok, I am sitting here with my friend Cindy she works here and helps me and all my other furry friends.”

C:  “That’s’ right Bailey Boo you're so easy to love.”

BB:  “I know but what’s not to love.  Ok Cindy, now lets get started with my story we really have to make this good so I can get adopted.”

C:  “Ok, Bailey Boo what do you want to say about yourself?”

BB:  "Well let me see, I am a beautiful brown brindle female pit bull mix about 2 years old, I love to play, go for walk
s, just being outside is my favorite thing I really love the play yard here at HCAS when I go out.” “How am I doing Cindy?”

C:  “Real good Bailey Boo, what else do you want them to know?”

BB:  “It’s so hard Cindy I just want to say the right thing so I will get noticed and be adopted.”

C:  “I know Bailey Boo how about how very sweet you are, you like treats, love to ride in the car, and love other animals.”

BB:  “Oh yeah that sounds good Cindy keep going.”

C:  “Well Bailey Boo this is your time to shine.”

BB:  “Yes it is!  I just want to go to a good home Cindy, somewhere where I will be loved, played with, taken for car rides, and to be spoiled like I am here.”

C:  "Yes, Bailey Boo we do love spoiling you but you need to be spoiled in a home not a shelter.  Well, Bailey Boo, give them your best ending and lets hope together that someone will come forward and adopt you.”

BB:  "Ok Cindy here it goes.   Please, please someone adopt me I am a good dog please give me a chance I promise I will love you and be a good dog please don’t let my last days be here.”

C:  “Very good, Bailey Boo, you just brought tears to my eyes.”



Bailey Boo, ID#1018103, is currently located in Kennel B-09.  If you think you might like to adopt Bailey Boo, please call Hernando County Animal Services at 352.796.5062 or email them at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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