Black Cats

Dear Potential Adopter,alt


Everyone has been coming to the shelter to look at all the animals and that’s great. Lots of them are getting adopted and that makes for a happy day but not for us. You see we are shelter kittens and yes, everyone loves a kitten those cute calicos, orange and white ones, black and white ones, but unfortunately just being a solid black kitten or cat makes it hard for us to be adopted. We are readily associated with witches, superstition, and bad luck and that’s silly.  It is sad we are overlooked by many just because are fur is black. We do get lots of love from the staff and volunteers at the shelter, but they are there only so long during the day and have so much to do and so many animals to love. It’s just not the same as having a family of your own to love. Oh! To have the freedom to roam around a real home, looking for a sunny place to sleep, or a warm lap to curl up in. This is our dream. Please help us so when you’re looking for an animal to add to your family take a look at us and see we have great personalities and lots of love to share.



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