The Plight of the Pit Bull

Why not me? Please don’t judge me because of my breed.alt


My name is “just another pit bull.”  Unfortunately, I bear the stigma of being mean and aggressive. People are afraid of me and think I may do them harm. Sure there have been stories about my breed doing mean things or involved in fights but most of us are not like that. We are just labeled that way and grouped in as one. We are judged! The media has published so many negative stories on our breed that it makes it very hard for us to be adopted out of shelters and find forever homes.  People need to think back to when we were revered as a courageous dog during World War I. We were the funny dog on TV show back in the 1930’s-40’s “The Little Rascals” known as Petey. Our breed was also known as the “Nanny” dog. For many years in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s pit bulls were in charge of babysitting children. If you wanted your child kept safe you got a pit bull because they are so loyal and protective. However, in the most recent years we have been portrayed as demonic animals being unpredictable. We are considered outlaws or a deviant breed. Remember it’s like having children and how you bring altthem up. If you bring them up with no respect, bring them up with no discipline, than they’re going to respond that way. It’s the same way when you bring up an animal. So please take a second look at me and see for yourself how wonderful I can be. I have the same feelings, pains, joys as other breeds but often I am overlooked because of my stigma. I wish people could see me for me and not for what a pit bull is portrayed as in the media. I do have lots of love to share. I enjoy walks like all other breeds do, I love to get treats, I love to play with a ball, I love to go for car rides, and I would love to just lay on the bed with you. I need love too. Please come to the shelter and take a look at me and remember behind those eyes that are looking back at you is an animal that needs to be adopted and find forever love in a home too.

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