My Adventures in Adopting a Shelter Animal


by Cindy Garner


Let me begin by telling you how adopting a shelter animal has changed my life. Well, I adopted two dogs a male American Bulldog named Mickey who by the way is deaf and a terrier mix named Penny. At first, my husband and I were a little nervous about adopting two, plus having one of them being totally deaf we knew this was going to be a challenge but what a difference they have made in our lives. Mickey, the deaf American Bulldog is such a wonderful dog and has learned some commands already. We’ve tried to teach him by using a flashlight to get his attention especially in the dark and he has caught on very quickly. Penny the little terrier is full of so much love that her whole body just wiggles and wiggles when she sees us.alt


Well as I said the adventure has just begun for these two and us and what an adventure it has been so far. The first couple of days have been a learning experience for all of us. They loved being in our home, running around the yard and of course getting into things. Boy, did they get into things. So far these two little monsters and I do use that word lovingly have pulled all my pool toys around the yard, played tug-o-war with my bathing suit (yes I had to go buy a new one) they actually buried it, dug a few holes, and love to hide the watering can in the bushes. The other night my husband and I decided to go for ice cream and of course wanted to take the dogs that was quite an adventure. As we were driving there, Mickey (deaf dog) decided to lay in the back window of my car and of course blocked my view and as I kept telling him to get down my husband reminded me, “um honey he can’t hear you.” I just laughed. As we arrived at Baskin Robbins, Penny our terrier was so excited she barked at anyone and everyone in the parking lot. Not aggressively, just wanted to tell everyone she was here to get ice cream.alt


I know that as time goes by I’m sure there will be more adventures some good and some where we will need more patience. These two new family members have taught us love is unconditional and patience is truly a virtue. Yes, they are still learning and teaching them has been a bit of a challenge at times, but they are the most wonderful dogs. They fill our home with love and laughter each day. We are truly blessed to have adopted these two loving dogs and bring them into our lives. As the saying goes, “who saved who?”


If you want to have the same unconditional love and your very own unique experience like me stop by your local animal shelter and save a life. Who knows they could be saving yours as well.

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