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Have you tried a MOOC?

Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, are everywhere teaching everything.  Many are free, others will cost you.  Some are offered for college credit or continuing education certification, most are offered for personal enrichment.  Courses cover topics from food and fashion to calculus and economics.  Georgia Tech recently announced they will be offering a full Master's program in Computer Science online and the Wharton School of Business is posting much of its first year MBA content as a MOOC.  So if you want to find the right MOOC for you, take a look at MOOC List, a comprehensive list of massive open online courses available for you to enroll in immediately.

Overdrive Instructions

We have placed these handouts here to facilitate the use of the Overdrive ebook collection, provided to you free of additional charge through the Hernando County Public Libraries.  If you have any problems, contact any member of the library staff for assistance.

iconOverdrive and Adobe Digital Editions
icon Overdrive and Kindle
icon Overdrive and Audiobooks
icon Overdrive on Tablets
icon Overdrive 3.0

Socrates Café

The Hernando County Public Library System announces the formation of two Socrates Cafés, one to meet the first Thursday at Spring Hill Branch Library from 5 pm to 7 pm; the other, the second Thursday at the West Hernando Branch, also from 5 pm to 7 pm.

What is the Socrates Café? Simply a group of people getting together for a couple of hours and, with the help of a facilitator, applying the Socratic method to some question that troubles them.

A Socrates Café is nontechnical, and though it may become erudite, it welcomes folks who've never read a word of philosophy in their lives.  What is important is that you come to the meetings with questions and a willingness to search for answers wherever they may be.  When in doubt, just ask yourself: "What would Socrates do?" Remember, Socrates presented himself as a perplexed inquirer who knew only that he knew nothing; by example, he showed that the proper business of the philosopher-and, by extension, a Socrates Café facilitator is to help us see that we don't know nearly as much as we think we know, yet more than we suspect.

Do Socrates Café participants ever arrive at an answer to their questions? Sometimes, but it's not about coming up with answers but finding a way to ask the questions. 

Class Handouts

 We're posting the handouts for our lab classes so if you've been our student and lost your handout, you can retrieve it here.  If you haven't been our student, you're still welcome to download these handouts and use them.  Perhaps one of these handouts will move you to take a class with us.

icon Facebook Basics
icon File Management Basics

icon Pictures on the Web

icon Web Browser Basics

icon Windows Basics

icon Word 2007 Basics

alt Word Next Steps

Supplemental Materials for Lab Classes

Here are copies of the documents used in our File Management: Basics class, Word: Basics class, and Word: Next Steps class.  These documents are in PDF format, so you'll need to copy and paste the contents into a blank Wordpad file to edit it.  Instructions on how to do that are available on pages 16 through 20 of the "Windows: Basics" handout.  You'll find that handout elsewhere on this webpage.

Hope you find these helpful!

 Review of To Kill A Mockingbird
alt Samuel Success Work in Progress
alt Samuel Success: Example
alt Word Next Steps - Recipe for Fourth of July Cake
alt Word Next Steps - Recipe Page

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